Singer Icon Fair 2

With great joy I open officially Singer Fair Icon 2.
The sponsors of this fair are:
- -UtopiaH-
- -FAUN-
- Loovus Dzevavor
- {*I <3FashiOn*}
- Le Primitif
- Retro'
- L I V G L A M
- 1992
- Paperbag
- Lethal
- Blvck Anchor


♬  Singer Icon Fair  ♬                                                                                                           November 11 - 30, 2013


Theme: Style of famous singers or music


After the great success, and welcome participation, both retailers and the public to this event, we decided to propose a second edition of the Singer Icon Fair. The dynamics of the fair will be the same as the previous year.We all know how the music we condition the life or simply the day since prehistoric times so as to honor him by creating a themed exhibition where each designer will meet all expectations.Singer Icon fair mean hair colors, styles, make-up that your favorite singer or music to which it belongs.Instead of last year, we decided, as a matter of order and better  the event.


To See Rules Go Here


This year the designers and logos shown below, will be our sponsor. It 'a great pleasure to work with them .. be prepared for the best!


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Owners Singer Icon Fair 2

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